A brief overview of Terra’s up-and-coming arbitrage platform

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Herman Melville’s 19th-century classic, Moby Dick, uses the white whale to symbolize forces beyond human control — nature, fate, and God.

In the crypto-verse, whales seem to symbolize the same thing. Their decisions dictate the price, and their capital gives them unique opportunities not easily accessible to regular investors.


A quick history of Samsung, Korea’s technology-focused behemoth.

Samsung’s Lee Byung-Chul (1950), Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Despite the hardships brought by the pandemic, Samsung had sales totaling over 210 billion dollars in 2020. Net income after accounting for all expenses? A whopping $23 billion.

It’s no wonder that the closest thing Apple has to a competitor in the smartphone market is Samsung in my part of…

The piggy bank that pays you to save — a proof of concept.

Created by the author via an eligible Canva Subscription

In America, the average household credit card debt is over $5,000. The interest that people have to pay on top of the debt? A whopping 16.28%. Americans are going into debt and are paying a hefty sum to live the life they want.

People are paying to purchase things they…

Axie Infinity can often pay Filipinos more than minimum wage.

Photo from the Axie Infinity Facebook Page, Fair Use

The average daily minimum wage in the Philippines is $8.15. With most jobs requiring a minimum of eight hours of hard labour per day, that works out to around a little over a dollar per hour.

Axie Infinity, an online game powered by crypto, can reportedly make you $50 per…

Everybody’s favorite ogre has an uncanny resemblance with Maurice Tillet

Maurice Tillet in 1953, photo by IISG, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Big, green, mean, and chunky — all words that accurately describe the Dream Works Animation’s lovable ogre Shrek. From the many movies I consumed in my childhood, Shrek might have been the funniest. And I suppose much of its charm comes from its protagonist’s celebration of his “not-so-charming” looks.


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